Cheese Powder Innovation and Know-How



"Our R&D expertise spans biscuits, bakery, savoury snacks, desserts, ready meals, soups & sauces, dressings and proces-
sed cheese categories".

Our skilled application team assists food manufacturers in meeting tomorrow’s demand for innovative, tasty and convenient food products.

In co-operation with our international distribution partners we work closely with our customers, providing anything from seminar-styled training to product development and reformulation advice.

For large processors, we can supplement their own efforts with special expertise. For small and mid-sized processors we are their R&D department using their raw materials and our people’s knowledge to develop new product concepts, optimizing current products, or tailoring products to suit local taste preferences.

Our R&D expertise spans biscuits, savoury snacks, bakery, desserts, ready meals, soups & sauces, dressings, confectionery and processed cheese categories. 

And we continue our R&D efforts because, above all, we are dedicated to helping – you.


Cheese Powder
- The Versatile Food Ingredient

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Global Cheese Powder Solutions
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